ICU Tips for Families and Friends

ICU Tips for Families and Friends

ICU (Intensive care unit) is often feared because of the misconception that people admitted in the ICU are facing extremely serious issues. Yes, there are times when a patient is admitted in the ICU to provide intensive care, but that depends on the condition of the patient.  Not everyone admitted in the ICU is on the verge of losing the battle of life. If you visit a reputed ICU hospital in Bopal, you will be advised about what to expect when a patient is admitted in the ICU.

It is not a good sight to see your loved one in the ICU; however, by keeping in mind few simple tips you can help the patient recover quicker. These tips will also make your patient feel comfortable as well.

1. Be Positive

Try to be positive and speak to the patient in a calm and clear manner. It is a wrong assumption that those who are on ventilator cannot hear you, but that’s not true at all. Make sure you speak to the patient in a soft way.

2. Motivate the Patient

The patient requires motivation for quicker recovery. You can tell the patient that he or she has been admitted in the ICU for better care and there is nothing to worry about. Use positive words and stay away from using any sort of negative words. Tell the patient that he or she is just going to be fine.  Tell the patient that he or she is making great progress. Acknowledge any sort of discomfort the patient is experiencing.

3. Do not Make the Patient Speak Much

The best ICU hospitals in Bopal advise you not to make the patient much. You will need to be calm and composed with the patient as there are times when they get really frustrated. Use a board with words written on it so that the patient can point at those words and let you know what they want to communicate. In-fact many patients can write while they are in ICU, so you can give them a small board to write and communicate.

4. Touch them Gently

Make sure that you touch the patient gently. Do not touch the patient without discussing with the doctor or ICU staff. Even applying lotion on the patient’s hands and feet is not allowed in some circumstances, so do not apply anything without discussing with the doctor or the ICU staff. There are times when the ICU staff allows to play music at appropriate volume levels, so you can discuss the same with the hospital staff. Hope you found the post useful. For more information about patient care or good pathologists in Bopal, feel free to get in touch with us. We will be glad to resolve all your queries to your satisfaction.

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