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What are heart palpitations in pregnancy?

During pregnancy, a would-be mother goes through shortness of breath, troubled breathing while lying down and palpitations, chest pain fatigue, nausea, morning sickness, and dizziness. But these are not the signs of heart problems. The occurrence of palpitation may be due to the diaphragm moving up in the chest during pregnancy. A pregnant woman’s blood volume increases by 30-50% to support the baby and the heart pumps about 25% faster than the usual heart rate. The blood vessels dilate and the heart expands to compensate for the extra strain. Women experience heart palpitations in different ways. 


Whatever the symptoms are, there are several different potential causes of heart palpitations during pregnancy. These consist of:

To ease your pounding, you can grab a snack, drink water, take a rest and meditate or practice deep breathing.

Deal your palpitation

Cope up with your problems by taking care of yourself. The following tips may help you –

When you should you call a doctor?

As the days pass by, due to hormonal and physical changes, heart races or palpitation starts. Usually, it starts in the second trimester or third trimester but it’s of not much concern every time. But, you need medical help if you go through -.

The reason behind palpitations can be found out and rectified once you have consulted a doctor. Saraswati Hospital has an advanced infrastructure with a skilled team of the best cardiologist in Bopal to give the best service and medical treatment. For any assistance contact us.

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