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Weight loss & heart failure: Cachexia of the heart

People suffering from heart failure can develop weight loss quickly. This condition is known as cardiac cachexia. It is an unplanned weight loss that is caused by heart failure. This weight loss is much different than general weight loss. Once it begins, it cannot be reversed by eating more. This is a complex condition that has to do with how the body absorbs and uses the nutrients and calories the person eats. Cachexia is accompanied by malnutrition, systemic nutritional deficiencies, high inflammatory cytokines, hyperactivity of the immune system, and neuro-hormonal changes. This causes a syndrome of weight loss, fatigue, dyspnea, tachycardia, dyspepsia, and loss of appetite. Even with a great appetite and high consumption of calories, some people lose muscle. Cardiac cachexia may need extra nutrition support.


The most common symptom of heart cachexia is weight loss. You may also feel:

This health issue may create serious effects on many parts of the body, including the digestive tract, lungs, and heart, and the body’s capacity to produce blood cells.


There are no specific medications to treat cachexia. The doctor can guide you to deal with heart failure and try to improve the symptoms. Medications may help to get rid of the extra fluid that makes the sufferer bulge. Other treatments can be considered:

Fortunately, there are many hospitals that specialize in providing comprehensive weight loss programs. These hospitals have experienced doctors and nutritionists who can help you create a personalized diet plan and provide support throughout your journey to a healthier lifestyle. They also offer medical treatments such as bariatric surgery, which can be an effective option for those struggling with severe obesity or other health conditions related to their excess weight.

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