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Understanding the Most Common Osteoarthritis Surgery

Understanding the Most Common Osteoarthritis Surgery

First, let’s understand what osteoarthritis is. It is a condition affecting any joint in the body. It can occur in any joint, such as the knee, hip, finger joints, lower back, the base of the thumb or toe.

There are no specific causes for osteoarthritis, but here are some factors that may develop this condition over time.

With advanced technology, surgeries for this condition can be performed in trusted hospitals. The most common osteoarthritis are the knee and hip. Our team of reliable and experienced orthopedic doctors performs the best hip replacement surgery in Bopal, Ahmedabad.

Let’s understand these common surgeries in depth.

Knee Replacement Surgery

Knee replacement surgery is replacing a damaged, worn or diseased knee with an artificial joint.

There are 2 types of knee replacement.

  1. Total knee replacement – In this surgery, both the sides of the knee joint are replaced. This surgery may require the patient to stay for a few days in the hospital.
  2. Partial (half) knee replacement – Only 1 side of the joint is replaced in this surgery. This requires a smaller operation with a shorter hospital stay. Recovery is possible in a short span of time.

When do you require knee replacement surgery?

Hip Replacement Surgery

Hip replacement also known as; total hip arthroplasty is a surgery where an artificial part is used to replace a damaged hip joint. It is usually made of metal, ceramic, and very hard plastic to reduce the pain and achieve mobility for the patient. 

When do you require hip replacement surgery?


To sum up, there are lots of medications for various osteoarthritis. However, surgeries need to be performed, if the condition is critical.

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