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Tips to keep your heart healthy this summer season

During summer, as the mercury rises, the body tries to keep the body temperature to normal levels and pumps blood harder. In this situation, the body must redirect the blood flow to the skin. It increases your heartbeat. Therefore, the heart pumps two to four times the blood every minute as it does on a colder day. This sudden change in the body affects the heart along with other organs. Summers can cause heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Heat exhaustion occurs when the body has enough overheating.

Signs of heat exhaustion:

How warm weather affects Heart Patients

Tips to protect the heart in summer-

Who is more at risk-

Healthcare facilities play a vital role in providing comprehensive care for heart health. It is essential to find the best heart care facility that offers the highest quality of care and services. Saraswati Hospitals have all the facilities to cater to health services in the best possible way.

Saraswati Hospital is a multispecialty hospital, that has some of the best cardiologists in Bopal, who have been providing quality treatment to their patients for decades now.

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