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The Complete Guide to Knee Arthroscopic Surgery

Knee arthroscopy is a minimally invasive surgical procedure that involves the examination and
treatment of the inside of the knee joint. During knee arthroscopic surgery, surgeons insert a
small camera, known as an arthroscope, into the knee joint. The camera shows images on a
video monitor, and surgeons use those images to guide the miniature surgical device. Knee
arthroscopic disease can be useful in diagnosing joint pain and stiffness, damaged cartilage,
floating fragments of bone or cartilage, and an accumulation of fluid, which has to be drained.

Injuries that may be diagnosed and treated with arthroscopy are:

Why is Knee Arthroscopy advised?

Benefits of an arthroscopy-

  1. Minimally invasive Surgery
  2. Lesser pain
  3. Small stitches
  4. Faster recovery
  5. Low risk of getting an infection

To manage the pain post-surgery, medicines are given to patients for short-term pain.
A combination of medicines can be used by the surgeon depending on the need.

General tips for better recovery may include:

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