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The myth and facts of Knee Replacement Surgery

Knee surgery is a common orthopedic procedure that has been in place for many years. But there are still many misconceptions about the procedure that may prevent people from seeking the care they need. In this blog, we will share the myths behind knee replacement and explain why it is important to consult a doctor before making a decision. We will also discuss the potential benefits of knee arthroplasty, as well as its risks and side effects. By understanding these facts, people may avail informed decisions as to whether the procedure is good for them
or not.

Myth: The surgical success rate is very low.

Fact: People mistakenly believe that the success rate of knee arthroplasty is very low. However, the reality is that the success rate and the subsequent recovery rate are actually 98 percent. The key to successful surgery lies in pre-operative planning and post-operative care. With proper preparation and follow-up care, many patients can enjoy a full recovery after their knee

Myth: People should wait as long as possible

Fact: it can lead to further damage and more complicated surgeries. Therefore, it is important to not wait as long as possible when it comes to knee surgery, as the earlier you seek treatment the better the outcome will be.

Myth: Driving is not possible after knee replacement surgery.

Fact: Driving becomes very easy because it does not come among the jobs that put pressure on the knee. Most patients begin to drive in 6-8 weeks after the operation.

Myth: Diabetes and high blood pressure can affect the ability to undergo knee replacement surgery.

Fact: It’s not right. The only thing necessary is blood glucose and BP under control; modern medications are able to do that.

Myth: A joint replacement won’t last more than ten years.

Fact: It varies with the patient, but knee replacement implants are very strong and long-lasting. With today’s technological advances, particularly regarding polyethylene, knee implants last for over 15-20 years for most patients.

Myth: Age is concerned

Fact: There is no age to undergo the surgery.

Myth: regular physiotherapy is required

Fact: 99% of patients do not require physiotherapy. After the replacement, doctors guide the patient on how to practice, and the patient must practice at home.

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